We provide full spectrum services for the experimental validation of the structural integrity of your components or full-scale structures. This includes
        • Field measurements
        • Data analysis
        • Laboratory simulation tests

Field measurements can include both normal operation and the proving ground (if applicable). Typical measured parameters include strain, acceleration, load, displacement, etc.

Data analysis allows design of accelerated test routines that are as representative of normal usage (i.e. the mission profile) as possible within the required test acceleration contraints. The test routines may then be used in accelerated full-scale durability testing either in the laboratory using actuators, or on the proving ground. Typical analysis work include
        • Design of accelerated test routines
        • Cumulative fatigue damage calculations
        • Power spectral density analysis
        • Shock response spectrum analysis
        • Operational deflection shapes

We specialise in full-scale laboratory simulation tests achieving accurate simulation of dynamic phenomena, multi-axial excitation, channel cross coupling, complex load histories, and nonlinear effects. In the South African context this often involves heavy vehicles. For this purpose use is made of the University of Pretoria's extensive servo-hydraulic test facilities.

We also have a very strong capability in electrodynamic shaker based structural integrity tests such as
        • Vibration testing (random, sine on random, sine, etc.)
        • Shock testing (classical shock pulse, SRS, realistic)

Other test services include
        • Kinematic testing (e.g. tank sloshing tests)
        • Static strength testing
        • Cyclic testing (e.g. spring fatigue testing, shaft steelwork)

We also have an in-house design capability for the design of test fixtures from a static and dynamic point of view. Laboratory simulation tests typically require detail attention to, e.g., natural frequencies of fixtures and the quality of joints used in vibration tests.

Finally, we also have a technical acoustics capability that includes
        • Sound pressure level measurements
        • Absorption coefficient (NRC) measurements
        • Sound intensity measurements

Our typical clients are from the automotive, aerospace, marine and rail industries.

Tests are typically done to relevant MIL-STD, BS and ISO standards.